Prices are subject to change. I try to keep my site updated as often as possible. If we had discussed a price, it is safe to say that that is the price (Time Permitting). I am currently running a special on all services that will be over when all available time slots are booked, so book as soon as you can. If you have any questions feel free to email me in the "Contact" section, or you can reach me on Facebook @ Metasonic Studios. Thank you.

I offer a guarantee on all of my work. This means the project is never finished until you, the artist is happy


Song/Album recording. $500 per song- start to finish. I often offer discounts for EP's and Full Lengths so be sure to get in touch. The Hourly rate is $20 an hour, although it is recommend to go with the per song price because it is often cheaper and allows for the focus to be on the product and not the time.


$250 per song. This is for an already edited song and includes mastering if needed. Contact the studio for any possible discounts on Full Lengths and EPs. I also offer pre-production in studio to allow time for the band or musician to dial in their songs and I'm always willing to work out an all inclusive package.

Cover song

This is for the recording and mixing of a cover song. Price is based off of instrument. Vocals/Guitar/Bass-$150 per song. Drums-$200 per song. If more than one instrument is being recorded it is the default song price of $500

Do you need an guitar/Bass setup?

If you are questioning your guitar or bass setup and don’t have a good tech to take it to, I can do a setup for $60 per instrument. I also offer pickup installs and other work so be sure to get in contact with the studio.

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