Who Needs to be There?

In order to keep focus on the task at hand I prefer that only the artist or artists who are recording show up on their scheduled day. This ensures that everyone gets their “alone time” to focus on preforming their parts and that recording time is utilized properly. If you have any requests or questions about this please be sure to ask and I will make sure I can accommodate you.



Drums are the most dynamic instrument being captured in a band setting. Being comfortable with material in order to perform the songs fluidly allows us to focus more on feel and sound, rather than worrying about playing parts properly. Make sure to show up on time as drum tracking is the longest process to recording. Upon arrival drums will be tuned and then set up.


Sticks- make sure you have the proper amount of sticks for the amount of material being recorded and make sure you have at least a few pairs that don’t look like they were chewed on by a dog ( less are needed depending on how much we are tracking).


Make sure all of your drums have fresh skins. The resonant head doesn’t need to be changed as often unless it does not hold pitch or is covered in dampening material i.e. Tape, glue, moon gel etc. In most cases just the batter heads should do. If you show up without new heads, we are already starting at a disadvantage to getting good drum tones.


Make sure you have all felts, washers and that your beaters are in good condition. If you have any cracked or broken cymbals try as best as you can to either replace them or borrow some from a fellow Drummer. Make sure everything sits right and doesn’t move/wobble around, we want to avoid squeaky hardware. Lastly, if you have a drum rug that fits your drums bring it.


As stated previously, being comfortable with material in order to perform the songs fluidly allows us to focus more on feel and sound, rather than worrying about playing parts properly. That being said, it does take patience at times to capture the right take. Im sure it will be discussed before your recording session but usually if there is more than one guitarist, the guitarist that is most familiar with the feel/execution of the song will be the one doing most of the tracking. Each guitarist will perform their own leads from there.



Make sure your guitar is properly set up and intonated. Make sure your guitar and electronics aren’t buzzing or humming and your guitar jack is functioning properly. Active electronics? I.e. Emg, Seymour Duncan blackout etc. Make sure you have a fresh 9 V battery installed. If you are questioning your guitar or bass setup and don’t have a good tech to take it to, I can do a setup for $40 per instrument.


Make sure you have a fresh set of strings on that is the proper gauge for your instrument/tuning. Usually a set will last about 2-3 songs for guitar depending on how long tracking takes. Bass strings are usually good for 3-4 songs depending. Be sure to have a backup set as well in case something breaks(mostly for guitarists). If you have any questions about any of this feel free to ask!


I cannot emphasize and stress enough how important warming up is. Not only is it going to help preserve your voice but it will add to how long you can comfortably record. If at any time you need a break or feel you’ve pushed yourself too hard and need to stop, please don’t hesitate to say so. I will mostly likely say something before you but in the event that I don’t, please say so.



Be sure to bring some water/tea or any other comforts you like to have when recording i.e. honey or any throat care products.


I have more than enough choices to record with but if you have a particular mic that you enjoy and would like to try, feel free to bring it. Note:this does not guarantee it will be used but I’m always up for trying other options.

In summation, coming prepared to the studio is a big part of creating an overall awesome experience. Some of these ideas that have been stated may be very obvious to seasoned musicians who have recorded in the past and not so obvious if this is your first time recording. These notes are given because I never want to assume your knowledge base. Being prepared is of the utmost importance and allows for a much smoother recording process! Now that that is all out of the way… Let’s kill it!!