Welcome to Metasonic Studios! Below are some promo videos for the studio, as well as some music videos from bands I have had the pleasure of tracking/mixing/mastering. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me (See Contact). If you are looking for samples of my work head over to the Media section. I am always updating the tracks as they are released. Take a look around and be sure to support the bands on this page!


Dead World Reclamation

Full Album Stream of Dead World Reclamation's Album "Sentient". Tracked mixed and mastered at Metasonic Studios.


Alterbeast(Live Drum Playthrough) Featured on Sick Drummer Magazine

Alterbeast touring drummer Nathan Bigelow playing through the song "The Maggots Ascension". This video was featured on Sick Drummer Magazines website and respective social media sites. These drums were all tracked live and mixed in my studio. The only sample you'll hear is the triggered kick. See Services for more information.


I, Pariah

Music video for I, Pariah-"Kingdom of Lies", off of their EP War Engine I Recorded/Mixed/Mastered. See services for more information



Mixing and mastering services. My goal is always to make the artist as happy as possible, that is why I guarantee my work and will work on the project until you're happy.(see services)

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Recording of virtually any instrument. I have a lot of mics and gear to work with that are always at the artists disposal. My goal is to capture and represent the project as in detail as I can. I love to try new techniques and feel that a majority of the final sound stems from how the source was captured. (see services)

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Song writing services whether by song or album. Developing fluid song ideas can sometimes take collaboration and a different perspective. I look to see what the artist is trying to convey and help amplify the song and its creativity.(see services)

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